Building emulator controlled using the adaptive MPC example

How to run a building adaptive MPC example

For those who have access to the adaptive MPC repository, here are the steps to run an integrated building emulator and adaptive MPC case.

  1. Download the Docker images
  • Building emulator Docker image at laurmarinovici/building_control_emulator:latest
  • Julia 1.2.0 on Ubuntu 18.04 image at laurmarinovici/julia_1.2.0:ubuntu18
  1. Start 2 terminal windows
  2. At one terminal, and in a folder of your choice, clone the building emulator repository at Building Control Emulator , which also includes the script that allows you to start the building emulator docker as root.
  1. At the other terminal, and in a folder of your choice, clone the adaptive MPC repository at Adaptive MPC , which also includes the that allows you to start adaptive MPC docker as root.
  1. In the building emulator terminal, switch to /mnt/examples/ folder and run
python -p ./models/LargeBuilding.fmu -s 60
  1. In the Julia docker terminal, switch to inlineCode{/mnt/mcp} folder and run
julia simulate.jl
  1. WARNING! I believe that Sen changed the wrapped.fmu model in terms of signals being communicated and their names, which implies that the MPC code would have to be, once again, changed. Needs to be checked if we want to use that model.